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Metaverse – It is/will be the future …FTC

Alert: Watch the Anime “Sword Art Online” and the film “Ready Player one” before reading this.

Metaverse is the Future. Have anyone seen Sword Art Online, its an anime based on Virtual Reality. Metaverse is the beginning of such Virtual Reality showed in this anime. In this anime, once a person plugs into the console with VR helmet connected straight to the neural networks of the brain. A helmet that stimulates the user’s five senses via their brain, players can experience and control their in-game characters with their minds rather than doing physically.The tech is very advanced but it will be a reality one day but the tech used in the Movie “Ready Player One” will come true in near future. Imagine a virtual world where you can be anything/anyone and where you can do unimaginable things or whatever you dream of i.e Your dreams will come true in this virtual world.

Another example such as this is, from the movie “Ready Player One”. It gives us ideas how metaverse will affect us in future. In this movie, a player can get into virtual world just like we do nowadays(we wear a suit,helmet and use hands/feet to move in-game characters).Just like that but with high end graphics. This movie represents what will happen to metaverse in the next 10-15 years.

Just like video games, earlier from year 2000-2022, we can see how video games have developed at a pace. There was a competition among the big companies like sony and microsoft with their consoles and other game companies. They improved themselves year by year, from pixel/blur in-game characters to 4k higher resolution human like in-game characters. They improve as year passes on, to make graphics better or to make graphics completely similar to phsycial world.

So, I think Metaverse is in the starting point with poor graphics just like video games were in the early 2000’s. But after 20 years, it improved alot. I bet this will happen the same to the Metaverse.

Lets call this 20 year cycle of Video games/consoles as The Legendary Cycle. It will happen again, Only this time its Metaverse VR rather than the on-screen video games.

Sword Art Online-inspired VR Headset 


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