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Help Alice find the route to her home

Alice was bored that day, so she was sitting on the riverbank .Suddenly she notices a talking, White Rabbit with a pocket watch .It ran fast, and she followed it, down a rabbit hole .She fell into the hole and found a magical wonderland with dark trees, beautiful flowers.
She found many ways numbered from 1,2,3,……..18.she was confused which is the right way that will lead her to her home. She found a cute bird, standing in one of the tree. Alice asked the bird the way to go back to her home.The bird said a two digit number( say 23 ) and asked her to find the sum of its digits (2+3=5) and that numbered way will lead her to her home.Alice was already confused, so pls help Alice in finding the route to her home….

Input Format:
Input consists of an integer corresponding to the 2-digit number.
Output Format:
Output consists of an integer corresponding to the sum of its digits.


Num=input('Enter the 2 digit number: ')

print("Alice must go in path-{} to find her way to home".format(Sum))

             Enter the 2 digit number: 99
             Alice must go in path-18 to find her way to home


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